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Designer Fragrances without the Designer Prices

Designer Fragrances without the Designer Prices

Perfume can be expensive. When one-ounce bottles can cost well over $100, you need to make sure you love the scent before you’re throwing your hard-earned money into a scent you don’t even care for. Being assaulted with fragrances as you walk into a department store doesn’t make the decision easier and buying a full-sized scent online before trying it seems a bit nonsensical. Luckily for you, it’s unnecessary to go through either of these problems. We think and their Fragrance of the Month Club is the perfect system for the adventurous individual who doesn’t know what scent they want or who wants to dabble in a few other scents.

With over 7,000 perfumes to choose from, you get your pick of a sample scent each month. Have you always wanted to try brands like Chloë, Burberry, or Georgio Armani? Subscribers can try all those and more. For $10 a month, any fragrance the month club subscriber can try a perfume of their choice and see if they enjoy it. 

Most people think perfume as a one and done deal. It’s not! There is an entire process. First of all, there are different types of scents to pick from.’s Fragrance of the Month club can help you discover the scent you’re into. Woodsy? Floral? Fruity? Citrus might work for you.

Choosing perfume isn’t a completely simple process is because you might consider a lot of fragrances to be seasonal. Floral and fruity scents are popular in the spring and summer while woodsy scents have tons of appeal during the colder months of fall and winter. And there’s still more to consider. While scents are considered for seasons, they can also be differentiated between day. The office might call for fresh, clean scents while nighttime might give you an affinity for spicier, deeper, more intimate fragrances.’s Fragrance the Month Club helps get past the complexities of trying to figure out your “perfume ID”. 

With a small sample that would arrive every month, you can use that time to figure out just how much you need to not only make sure the fragrance lasts all day but ensure that it’s not overwhelming. You can easily start with your pressure points. Spritz the wrist and your neck and see how that turns out. If you find your fragrance disappearing, there’s a chance you need to apply more. Before you go overboard, be mindful that some scents are meant to be faint. If the fragrance you’re working with doesn’t work with you, it’s easier than you think to try a new one. While the Fragrance of the Month club is great, that’s not the only reason why is an ideal site. In this day and age, perfume is expensive, but the great thing about is that they help you save. When you think of high-end brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Yves Saint Laurent, and Versace, you’re probably ready to spend an arm and a leg. On, you can save your limbs. Not only do they offer thousands of different perfumes to choose from, their Fragrance of the Month Club helps cut out that process. Try it today.

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