Spring is Here

Spring is officially in full bloom. The impossibly padded jackets, wind-ripped umbrellas, sludge-dripping snow boots…all relics of yesterday’s troubles. To properly accompany your transition to the brighter side of life, On the Pulse has curated a perfect selection to welcome in the sunshine, from three hot brands who intrinsically understand that dressing down for spring doesn’t mean discarding style in the process.


Known for unfussy, casual wear that exudes sophistication, Joie has mastered the art of making comfortable, season-ready clothing that’s still a cut above the rest. Their spring collection is a striking continuation of the Joie formula. The Matalina dress, pictured above, is one of many testaments to this fashion-conscious philosophy. Relaxed, voluminous, and made completely of silk, The Matalina is ideal for the easygoing spring season and reflective of Joie’s steadfast commitment to making quality dresses.


Despite the name, Equipment’s spring collection isn’t strictly utilitarian. Borrowing visual cues from the layered dresses common in 90’s high fashion, Equipment is a uniquely thoughtful fashion imprint that combines unlikely influences with a modern eye towards functionality and comfort. Take their Oleisa Dress, a model of sophistication perfect for a weekend party or outdoor event. Smartly constructed for spring weather, Equipment’s spring collection is a must-have for anyone searching after the perfect seasonal outfit.


On the hipper side of things, Current/Elliott’s spring collection deconstructs seasonal mainstays and gives them a life of their own. Inspired by the signature fade of vintage denim, pieces like the Micro Corset Trucker offer minimal yet intricately designed alternatives to the classic flowing sundress. If you’re looking to remove some of the layering of traditional spring wear, while still retaining the refined air of showier brands, Current/Elliott is an unpretentious option that cleverly repurposes past trends into a contemporary spring ensemble.

There you have it. Three brands, all with their own inventive approach to balancing comfort and poise, all with their own striking take on classic spring styles. If you’re ready to leave the stuffy, seven-layer hell of winter fashion behind, these are the best places to start.

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