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One Drop: 6 Reasons to Switch

One Drop: 6 Reasons to Switch

Diabetes is hard. It requires round-the-clock care and vigilance. More than 95% of that care is done by the person living with diabetes, not the doctors or the drugs or the healthcare system.

In fact, people with diabetes spend 8,759 hours a year managing it alone, while their healthcare team is only involved for a total of 1 hour during a scheduled annual appointment. As over 30 million Americans know, learning to live with diabetes on your own is no small task. Keeping on top of your diet, activity, glucose levels, and so much more is basically a full-time job; even with good insurance, it can be costly.

But with the Internet of Things transforming habits and lifestyles daily, the diabetes landscape is changing.

Diabetes management platforms, like One Drop, are attracting customers in record numbers. One Drop aims to solve the routine problems associated with managing diabetes by offering data-driven, hyper-personalized care. Below are six of the most common problems people with diabetes are up against, and how One Drop is solving them.

Problem: “I can’t make it to the pharmacy to get my supplies today”

Solution: Everything’s Delivered!

Rather than having to find time to go to the pharmacy and juggle prescriptions, One Drop delivers test strips and lancets directly to your door at a schedule you can control. And, at less than a dollar a day, keeping stocked up on supplies is affordable.

Problem: “I Have no insurance”

Solution: No Problem! One Drop Doesn’t Require Insurance or Prescriptions

One Drop is a reliable alternative to insurance regardless of whether you switch or lose employment, have to see a different doctor, or make any other number of lifestyle changes that insurance coverage is dependent upon.

Problem: “Tracking my diet, exercise, and glucose levels is such a hassle in my everyday life”

Solution: One Drop’s Free App Helps Take the Hassle Out of Diabetes

In addition to supplies, One Drop offers a free app – no subscription needed – to help people with diabetes track blood sugar, log medications, and plan meals and exercise routines. One Drop is available on iOS and Android, and integrates with thousands of other apps and devices.

Problem: “I have some questions on how to manage my sugar levels, but I don’t have time for a full doctor’s appointment”

Solution: One Drop Offers Personal Coaching By Diabetes Experts 24/7

A One Drop subscription also gets you access to 24/7 support and advice from expert diabetes health coaches and professionals. With doctors spending an average of only 7 to 14 minutes per visit, appointments with the doctor often feel rushed and impersonal. A coach, on the other hand, gives people with diabetes easy-access to a wealth of diabetes and general health knowledge, and a personal accountability partner.

Problem: “I’m always trying to hide my meter because of how ugly it looks”

Solution: One Drop’s Glucose Meter is as stylish as any of your other devices

Besides being one of the most accurate meters available, an easy-to-overlook benefit of One Drop’s Chrome meter is that it looks and feels like so many other design-forward, smart devices, that everyone carries around with them daily. The Chrome helps make checking one’s numbers feel as natural as checking Facebook or Twitter on a smartphone, rather than a medically required interruption to the day.

Problem: “I keep paying more and more and my diabetes never gets better or easier”

Solution: One Drop Drives Real, Measurable Results.

People using their supplies and services have decreased A1C by 1.32 percentage points in just 12 weeks. One Drop says their stories are proof that anyone with diabetes can feel empowered to take care of themselves without being overwhelmed by the complexity and limitations of the healthcare system.

Take charge of your care and see how it can change your life at

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