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A Guide to Father’s Day Shopping

A Guide to Father’s Day Shopping

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, we considered it the perfect time to write a guide on shopping for your dad, whether he’s the stylish jet-setter type, or the sports-loving game day host prone to yelling at inanimate objects. Fathers are notoriously hard to shop for, so we thought we might ease the burden a bit with our approved list of curated selections for all kinds of dads. Happy shopping!

Lo & Sons

For the traveling dad, who’s still complaining about the obnoxious flight attendant who gave him the stink-eye on a red-eye to Omaha, get something to ease his comfort on those frequent business trips. If there’s something he’ll appreciate, it’s modern, effective luggage that can snugly fit all of his essentials in one. The Cambridge from Lo & Sons is a highly efficient, combination overnight bag and briefcase that was designed for the frequent traveler. With a messenger strap, attachable handle sleeve, and spacious pockets, the Cambridge is a surefire ticket to ensuring Dad’s happiness on Father’s Day at whatever altitude.


For the aforementioned sports game dad, who will regale you with same story of watching his team lose in ’75 until you physically restrain him, there’s a lot of ways you could go. You could buy him a vintage jersey of his favorite player, but who wants to hear that tinge of disappointment when you forget how many rushing yards he had in college? This time around, don’t make the rookie mistake: get your touchdown-addled father an At-Home Beer Tap from Hopsy. Order mini-kegs made in conjunction with the best breweries directly to Dad’s place, then plug one into the SUB Home Tap and pour fresh, undulating streams of beer at home — just like that. He’ll never forget ’75, but this’ll take his mind off it until at least next January.

Master & Dynamic

For the techie dad, who’s always up to date on the latest devices and considers watching anything without surround sound to be utter sacrilege, get him something that’ll really blow his socks off. The MW60 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones from Master & Dynamic have noise-isolating microphones, stainless steel hinges, and removable memory foam padding. They’re Bluetooth friendly with a matchless signal range, and can last for up to 16 hours without charging. Basically, they’re state-of-the-art headphones that don’t slack in the looks department, making for a striking, modern Father’s Day gift that’ll have technophile dads collectively rejoicing on couches and recliners the world over.

Ash & Erie

For the short dad, who’s been quietly grumbling about the lack of apparel opportunities for men 5’8 and under, Father’s Day is your ideal opportunity to redress the balance. Ash & Erie makes modern, stylish clothing that’s tailored to the shorter end of the height spectrum, featuring properly scaled sleeves and collars that sidestep bagginess and discomfort. The Bubblegum Camo from Ash & Erie is a fun, contemporary short sleeve shirt that’s visually distinctive and suited to warm weather. Refreshingly designed and incredibly soft, the Camo is a guaranteed way to avoid coming up short in the gift department.

Hickory Farms

For the grill master, who has a passionate manifesto on the proper chip-to-salsa ratio and very (read: overly) strong opinions on the “right way” to barbeque, get him one of the many Father’s Day essentials from the folks at Hickory Farms. They’ve got everything from picnic baskets to pork ribs to seasoning kits, so you can give your dad the perfect gift to get his grill on. Hickory Farms sell restaurant-quality steaks, pork, and more, so it’s really a win-win for Dad. He gets crowned King of the BBQ thanks to Hickory Farms’ delicious, quality meats, and gets to sample all the refined flavors he’d find in a nice restaurant without ever needing to leave the backyard (or his beloved koozie).


Finally, we come to the style icon, the flashy jet-setter dad who hasn’t let having kids get in the way of his fashion evolution. You know the type: he used to show up to parent-teacher conferences wildly overdressed and still makes a point of correcting your posture even though you’re pushing thirty. This Father’s Day, get him a chic, snappy accessory that actually matches his taste level. Koio is in the business of making luxury European sneakers that’ll exceed your father’s lofty standards. Handcrafted in Italy, constructed with Vitello calf leather, and outfitted with groundbreaking insole technology, the Capri Onyx is a classy, understated sneaker that’s attuned to your dad’s style sensibilities.

No matter what category your dad falls into, get him a thoughtful gift that uniquely speaks to his personality. This Father’s Day, On The Pulse has you covered.

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