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Hair Loss Winners and Losers

Hair Loss Winners and Losers

Nobody wants to go bald. It’s one of the ubiquitous male fears, along with kidney stones and college tuition. Plenty of people have promised the moon, and then some, with magic hair-growing products becoming the stuff of late-night infomercials. However, there are a few brands out there intent on shedding the “snake oil salesman” association with real science and even realer results, providing solace to a lucky generation of men benefitting from medical advances and new scientific perspectives on the issue.

Two of those brands, Nutrafol and Keeps, are vying for control of your scalp, each with their own sales pitch and more data charts than you can shake a stick at. But rather than have you parse through textbooks, making sense of this chemical or that, we’ve done the work for you, outlining why there can be only one when it comes to hair loss solutions.

Keeps, the more traditional of the two, advertises products with long, complicated names like “asteride” and “minoxidil”. Their approach is significantly more clinical, listing each product’s benefits and areas of focus, while leaving the intricacies of their product to the professionals and keeping consumers more or less in the dark about what they’ll be putting on their heads. They offer a few badges of honor, including an FDA approval stamp and a claim that each product is “matched to your exact condition” — without much of a follow-up on how that personalization occurs.

Conversely, Nutrafol takes a lifestyle-based approach to hair loss, delving first into the science behind what causes hair loss, and listing the different chemical, social, and even psychological factors that can cause it. Rather than pretend one product can contain the game-changing panacea that is universal hair loss reversal, Nutrafol takes the time to point out the many other factors (poor diet, tobacco, hair products, and even environmental toxins are all listed as possible reasons) that could be keeping you in Baldville indefinitely.

It lists external and internal triggers that, when properly monitored and kept in check, can minimize the likelihood of hair loss returning after the product has been taken. Also in sharp contrast to Keeps, Nutrafol prides itself on being the first 100% drug-free hair loss pharmaceutical, utilizing clinically-tested botanical ingredients in lieu of more traditional hair loss chemicals.

Instead of a generic bullet point insisting it’s “backed by scientific research”, Nutrafol’s site lists scholarly papers, nutritional facts, and surveys published in the medical field to make its case as the superior product. Its reviews page includes real-life stories of Nutrafol’s success, alongside filmed testimonials with medical professionals and health bloggers. In a business known for its tendency to over-promise and exaggerate, Nutrafol treats hair loss with a refreshing transparency and drug-free foundation that make it, without a doubt, the more desirable choice.

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