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Business Casual to Business Radical

As the daily grind continues to grow more and more hectic, dress shirt companies have failed to innovate to keep up with the demands of a busy, active consumer population. The majority of companies churn out stiff, ill-fitting clothing that doesn’t take into account the amount of wear and tear that goes into an everyday day-job. No one associates a dress shirt with comfort. Rather, the mere mention of one is more likely to incite groans and vivid flashbacks to that overly tight collar and unceasingly crumpled button-down that cost you at that last job interview.

Thankfully, a few have managed to stay ahead of the curve, particularly Twillory – a stress-free, judgment-free company that “gets it” in a way more sophisticated (read: pretentious) retail doesn’t. Their company is built on a foundation of matching shirts to one’s lifestyle, instead of the other way around. Unafraid to mess around with new fabrics and styles, Twillory is revolutionizing the dress shirt market by making it something it’s never been: accessible.

Take their newest Performance Shirt, which features aerodynamic qualities and hyper- breathable fabric to help you on that halfway sprint to the meeting room and stop the pre-conference sweats from coming in at exactly the moment your boss’s brow furrows with intensity. Or their non-iron shirts, which use their own patented fabric chemicals and not formaldehyde (yes, that formaldehyde) to make shirts that are harder to crease and wrinkle without being stiff.

Every product in their impressive collection reeks of ingenuity, from their untuckable shirts for the casual work-goer, to their collar-correcting stays, whose bio advertises them as perfect for everything from opening a letter to finger-picking a guitar. Twillory is the quintessential brand for the modern worker, taking into account the toils and troubles of daily life without compromising elegance, class, or the capacity to dazzle.

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