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The Better Way to Do Beer

The Better Way to Do Beer

Winter is coming, to quote a little-known HBO show, and what better way to spend the winter than slamming down a few beers from the relative comfort of your house or apartment? One problem: your fingers have yet to thaw from the frostbite, nobody can agree on a brand, and the local corner store is always out of your favorite beer.

Okay, more than one problem. Luckily, the innovative minds at Hopsy have devised a solution to all your alcohol-related winter woes. Their revolutionary delivery system allows you to choose from a selection of “mini-kegs,” which are then placed into a home tap that effectively lets you play bartender without leaving the front door.

So how does it work? Probably some convoluted mess of plugs and cartridges, right? Wrong. Hopsy, in their infinite wisdom, realized not everyone attended brewery classes in college and made their product so consumer-friendly and easy to use, it’s almost sickening.

The step-by-step process is as follows: go onto their website and choose from a variety of mini- kegs containing different beer flavors and types, from hoppy IPA’s (universally given the hipster seal of approval), to innovative craft beers, to imports from all corners of the globe. The choices rotate every month to keep things fresh, and, for those beer neophytes afraid of making the wrong choice, a customer refund policy is in place should you happen to dislike the mini-keg (or kegs) you picked.

Then comes the SUB, a game-changing home tap system invented by recognized industrial designer Marc Newsom to accommodate perfectly to any surface. You place the mini-keg into the SUB, slip it through, lock it, and – surprise! – a golden stream of beer awaits to be poured into the nearest available receptacle. And for those who are more, erm, accident-prone, the SUB comes equipped with a guarantee and two-year limited warranty.

The choice is ultimately yours. Make a line at some nondescript bar, hoping they have a draft that suits you; take your chances at the closest convenience store and hope their selection pleases your sensibilities; or try Hopsy, a new and altogether easier way of taking the edge off without needing to leave your kitchen.

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