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Top Three Athleisure Brands, and Where to Buy Them

Top Three Athleisure Brands, and Where to Buy Them

Athleisure’s grown from just another benefit of being in shape to a full-on fashion trend, and all kinds of retail companies have caught on, premiering their own athleisure departments in an effort to keep up with the demands of the market. However, not all athleisure is created equal. Here are three standouts from the crowd, from independent brands to well-established stalwarts, that take their commitment to the style seriously, rather than as a cash-grab.

Bandier is a veritable Mecca of athleisure, an organization based on “fashion-forward athletic wear,” as their website puts it. From there, you can browse hundreds of options, from celebrated designers to uprising talents, curated for comfort and performance. Here are the three best athleisure brands, all available for purchase via their website.

1. Nike

Easily the most recognizable brand on our list, Nike has refused to rest on its laurels when it comes to athleisure, curating a selection that keeps their classic aesthetic alive while still sneaking in a dose of experimentation. Their metallic jackets might seem a little off- kilter for exercise wear, but the rest of their selection is neat and minimalist in all the right places. Bonus points for the vintage aesthetic in their polar ponts, which harken back to the company’s Golden Age and can usher in a new generation of retro-addled consumers

2. Wesley

On the baggier end of things, Wesley is a newer designer in the market that specializes in cozy streetwear with a fitness twist. Riffing on the popularity of oversized sweaters, their athleisure department is firmly based in existing fashion trends without coming off as soulless or redundant. Their striped crewnecks and sweatpants are a must-have for the fashion-conscious athlete, using subtle European touches as their calling card. Their “Bowery hoodie” features a refreshing take on striped winter wear that is indicative of the company’s willingness to try new things.

3. Beyond Yoga

Whoever said athleisure had to be boring? Beyond Yoga enlivens things with their liberal usage of glitter and reflective garments, but don’t let the sparkle dissuade you from buying. Despite the pizzazz, Beyond Yoga doesn’t sacrifice comfort; rather, its designer was inspired to make modern wear that doesn’t have an assigned purpose, ideal for everything from a day to the gym to a typical lunch date. With a wide and interesting array of choices, Beyond Yoga operates on the belief that wearing passionate, vibrant clothing and being suited to work out don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

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