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Thinking About Switching to Natural Deodorant?

Thinking About Switching to Natural Deodorant?

If you haven’t been paying attention to the direction of the world, many people are moving towards “going natural.” When it comes to food, everyone’s heading to their local farmers markets and Whole Foods locations for organic alternatives. Thousands of women have stopped perming their hair and have chosen to rock their natural, kinky curls. Next in the natural movement is deodorant. Millions of people have been going back and forth between whether they should use natural deodorant or not. Are you one of them? If you’re on the fence, let’s go over the pros and cons of natural deodorants. 

Pro: All-Natural Ingredients  

When looking at the first pro of natural deodorant, it’s obvious that using natural ingredients is always a plus. While there’s a host of other ingredients used in other deodorants, many natural deodorants use essentials oils and extracts that are not only gentle on the skin but smell amazing. And while other deodorants may not have harmful ingredients like aluminum in them, antiperspirants do. 

Con: They Can Stain Your Clothes

Like with all deodorants, natural deodorants can also stain your clothes. While you might try to maneuver your clothes the right way when you’re putting them on, you’ll sometimes find that unless you’re a contortionist, you’re still going to end up with stains. Instead, you’ll have to man yourself with some products that can help get out deodorant stains like white vinegar and baking soda.

Pro: They Smell Great

While most deodorants smell great, this is just a necessary pro that we’d have to mention about natural deodorants. You might think your options are slim, but they’re not. There are plenty of natural deodorants that smell amazing because of their ingredients, including lavender, grapefruit, vanilla, lime, bergamot, and more.

Con: It Could Take a While to Find a Good One

One drawback concerning natural deodorants is that it could take a while to find a good one. Some of them might work well with your body and others might not. Plus, at the beginning of your transition into natural deodorant, you might notice that your armpits are readily trying to get rid of any bacteria that came along with using your previous deodorant. With that being said, you might have to try out quite a few before you settle on one you really love.

Pro: They Don’t Block Your Pores

Let’s get one thing straight. Deodorants and antiperspirants aren’t the same. Deodorants don’t have aluminum, while antiperspirants do. The reason they contain aluminum is because they literally block your ducts to keep you from sweating. Now, if you’re currently using a two-in-one deodorant and antiperspirant, your deodorant is still blocking your pores, while a natural deodorant wouldn’t.

Con: You Might Smell

We saved the most important con for last. The whole point of deodorant is to stop you from smelling. You’ll find on your journey that many natural deodorants don’t help with that. While you might smell fresh for the first few hours, you could potentially find that you need to keep your arms tight at your sides without fear of embarrassing yourself. While it would be wrong to say that all-natural deodorants wear off after a few hours of use, many of them do.

Going natural is never an easy process, and if you want to do it, you just need to be persistent. As with everything else, there are numerous pros and cons to natural deodorant, but you just have to determine which are most important to you. Let’s hear it! Are you team natural deodorant or not?

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