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Thousand Fell Sneakers: Shoes For The Eco-Conscious

Thousand Fell Sneakers: Shoes For The Eco-Conscious

White sneakers are a go-to choice of footwear today. Casual, comfortable, and versatile, you can find white sneakers from all different brands, with Converse and Keds as long standing staples. But, now there’s a better option for eco-conscious consumers. 

Shoes from the brand Thousand Fell give you the classic white sneaker look without the carbon footprint. Made from ultra-sustainable materials, Thousand Fell is working to keep sneakers out of landfills for future generations. 

Let’s talk about the sneaker styles that Thousand Fell has to offer. From striking design details to environmentally-responsible features, we’re eager for these sustainable shoes to become the new norm. 

Thousand Fell’s Sustainable Sneaker Varieties

Classic Lace- Ups

Thousand Fell offers a lace-up sneaker style for both men and women. The lace-up design means that you can loosen or tighten the shoe according to your preferences. The laces are recycled PET tonal flat laces, meaning that they’re made from recycled plastic water bottles.

These sneakers have a vibrant pop of color at the rubber heel back. Both men and women get to choose from the same color options: white, black, blue, green, or pink. 

Comfy Slip Ons

The slip-on style from Thousand Fell is wonderfully similar to the lace-up option, just without the laces. It’s a convenient option if you want to skip the nuisance of tying or untying your shoes to take them on and off. 

Just like the lace-up style, you can choose a burst of color for the heel back on these slip-on shoes: white, black, blue, green, or pink. 

Features That Set Thousand Fell Sneakers Apart

Thousand Fell shoes may look simple on the surface, but they aren’t your average pair of sneakers. Here’s why:

  • The cushioned rubber insole is made from recycled yoga mats – a material that’s supportive, ultra-comfy, and sustainable all at once. 
  • The soft mesh liner is coated with aloe vera, making it soothing and antimicrobial to keep your feet fresh. This liner is so breathable and odor-wicking that you don’t even need to wear socks. 
  • The advanced bio-leather material used in the making of these shoes won’t irritate the skin, so you won’t experience blisters as you break them in. Structural details of the shoe are made from other natural materials including coconut, sugarcane, and palm. 
  • Thousand Fell shoes has an outer coating that’s both stain-proof and water-resistant. To clean them, all you have to do is wipe down the upper with a damp cloth.
  • These white sneakers blow away their competition with exceptional durability. They’re tested for 10,000 steps a day for 240 days – that’s a lifespan of eight months for extensive daily use, or 2,400,000 steps. 

Best of all, Thousand Fell sneakers have a lifespan that doesn’t end in a landfill. Once you’re done with your current pair, just send them back to Thousand Fell. They’ll cover the shipping costs and make sure that the sneakers are broken down for recycling, rather than sent to a landfill. 

Sneakers With A Purpose

Thousand Fell sneakers have a sleek look and durable design. These shoes are made for comfort and convenience so that you’ll love wearing them. But, more than that, Thousand Fell sneakers support a sustainable lifestyle.

These shoes are innovating the footwear industry, giving us a chance to support sustainability in new and important ways. Whether you opt for a lace-up or slip-on, the same fact rings true: Thousand Fell sneakers will help you step forward as an eco-conscious consumer.

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