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Escape the Cold: Winter Travel Destinations to Visit This Season

Escape the Cold: Winter Travel Destinations to Visit This Season

It’s cold out there, but it doesn’t have to be! During the winter, most people decide to spend their time at home cuddled in front of a TV. Don’t be most people! While everyone thinks of traveling during the spring and summer, the winter months are just as good as any. You might even bask in the chance to escape home for a few days. Whether you’re looking to get away from the cold weather or don’t mind a little snowy adventure, here are five of the top trending winter travel destinations.

St. Lucia

When people think of traveling to the Caribbean, their minds instantly go to islands like the Dominican Republic and Jamaica. While these islands are also beautiful, St. Lucia is a hidden gem of the islands. If you love warm weather, perfectly sandy beaches, luxurious hotels, beautiful sites, and chocolate, you’re not going to want to miss this travel destination. You can snap a few pictures with the Pitons, the twin volcanic peaks on the islands or stay at the coveted Sugar Beach. If that’s not enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, the island also offers tons of chocolate-making tours.


Let’s just say that when it comes to culture, Rome is always one of the cities that comes out on top. There’s so much history behind this city and that’s not all. While you might not need us to list all the reasons Rome should be on your list of winter travel destinations, we’ll do it anyway. First of all, there are the major landmarks: you can joust at the Colosseum or make a few wishes at the Trevi Fountain. Whether you’re Christian or not, everyone can appreciate the beauty of the Vatican and St. Peter’s Basilica. This is all on top of everything else that makes Rome such a beautiful city, from the architecture and fashion to the food!

Rio de Janeiro

While it might be winter for you above the Equator, Rio de Janeiro and the rest of South America will be thriving during their summer months. This city is a must when looking to enjoy yourself. If you’re willing to wait until February, Carnival is one of the most unforgettable experiences within the city. Also on the list of amazing experiences, you’ll find treks through the rainforest, delicious food, and the unparalleled view of the city’s major landmark, Christ the Redeemer. 

Montreal (Quebec City)

There are some who might be flocking to warmer climates during their winter travels, but then there are others who don’t mind a little chill during their vacations. If you’re one of them, add Quebec City to your list. The streets of Quebec are alive with culture and a drop in temperature isn’t going to slow that down. Each year, Quebec has its amazing Winter Carnival. With that comes an opportunity to stay at their famous Ice Hotel. From beautiful churches to castles, Quebec City is your one-stop shop for a true winter wonderland vacation.


There are a lot of reasons people talk about Switzerland, but have you ever thought about why so many people visit? While movies are always talking about “Swiss bank accounts,” there’s so much more this country has to offer. If you’re a connoisseur of languages, Switzerland will please you with their four official languages: French, Italian, German, and Romansh. You definitely can’t leave the country without trying their chocolate, which you can enjoy on your way to see the iconic mountain behind the Paramount Pictures logo – the Matterhorn.

While these are just 5 winter travel destinations, this list can take you to even more places. Consider surfing in Hawaii or relaxing in Turks & Caicos. You might want to splurge in Dubai or meditate in the heart of Thailand. Whether it’s warm or cold, this winter you can spend your days having the adventure of a lifetime.

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